Why Get Certified?

Validate your expertise with Lumu and add value to your professional journey.

  • Show Credibility

    A Certification helps to demonstrate to peers, managers, and customers your knowledge and proficiency.

  • Earn Recognition

    Let the world know about your new skills by sharing your certification with your network.

  • Stay Competitive

    Certifications are confirmation of knowledge and a lifelong learning mindset that adds value to your career.

How to Earn a Lumu Certification

This is how to earn a Lumu Certification

  • Prepare to Certify

    Each certification has a track of online courses recommended for preparing for the certification exam.

  • Certification Exam

    Our exams are timed and online. The passing score is 80%. Certifications are valid for a period of 2 years.

  • Certified!

    Receive your digital certificate and share it with pride. You earned it!

Certifications Guide

Explore more about our certification program, exams and paths available in our Certification Guide.