• Target Audience

    Lumu customers, administrators, solution providers, and consulting partners who want to validate that they are skilled at using Lumu for Continuous Compromise Assessment.

  • Duration and Format

    The certification exam is online, timed for a total duration of 60 minutes, and is a 40-question assessment.

  • Digital Certificate

    After achieving a passing score of 80%, receive your digital certificate and share it with pride.

Exam Objectives

This exam validates your ability to:

  • Set up a Lumu Gateway to start understanding your compromise level.

  • Describe the main features of Lumu and the use cases where it would be beneficial.

  • Explain how Lumu works as a Continuous Compromise Assessment solution.

  • Identify the key features and benefits of the Lumu Portal.

Certification Path

It is suggested that candidates looking to prepare for this exam complete the following relevant Lumu Academy courses. This path is also available in our Certification Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to prepare to get Lumu certified?

    Lumu Academy materials, along with our technical documentation, are your best resources for exam preparation. You can also find test blueprints in this certification guide

    , which provide more detailed information on exam content.
  • How to register for an exam?

    All our exams are online, for registering for a Lumu certification exam, go to academy.lumu.io.

  • How to get access to the free exams?

    Free access to our certification exam included in your subscription tier (Lumu Insights or Lumu Defender) will be granted through a coupon code that will be sent to the company administrator of your organization. Consult our certification guide for more details.

  • When do I know the exam results (pass/fail)?

    The candidate’s results (pass or fail) will be displayed immediately after submitting the exam.